Sunday, July 11, 2004

My first post

My friends are active bloggers and have displayed their thoughts and lives to almost everyone. Of course they have persuaded me to join but I don't feel comfortable letting anyone who have online access to read my thoughts and all things that had happened. Beside I am the sort who bear too much grudges and constantly have 'hate plans' in my head to people whom constantly annoy me. Which coincidentally happened recently. But we'll touch on the subject shortly.

I relented to the idea of a blog simply because,

(1) I can write profusely till I get writer's block (it happens even when I am not writing..haha). Which of course will facilitate one to be more creative. Because practice makes perfect.

(2) I don't need to seal my journals from prying eyes and hands (of course with the idea of a blog, now everyone can read them, duh!)

(3) I need a space to write and I hate to write in scraps of paper. And we all need to save the trees. Online storage does no environmental harm right?

(4) Writing can gives me momentarily relief (I go insane every now and then)


Anyway, I happen to be a girl. I am in my twenties. (I still am kid so explains the description..girl) I'll write tomorrow about what happened recently. Really tired now. Got to sleep. Good night.

P/S: If I were you reading this post, I'll get downright pissed for stopping at the build up of the contents...